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Jimmy's 50th Birthday Surprise Party

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/15/2018
Topics: #Family #Jimmy Page Views: 497
The theme was a 1920s speakeasy.

My son-in-law, Jimmy Rizzo, is about to celebrate his 50th birthday; and his wife, my daughter, Jenny, threw him a surprise birthday bash none of us will soon forget, including a lounge singer and casino games such as craps and poker.

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Gianna's 4th Birthday

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/9/2018
Topics: #Family #Gianna Page Views: 378
All the photos from my granddaughter Gianna's 4th birthday party. Unicorns and princesses!

Last year, Gianna's party was such a success that her mother decided to hold this year's in the same venue, Charming Pony Parties. In attendance were Gianna's friends from school and the children of Jenny's mommy friends, as well as family.

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Visiting the Desert Botanical Garden with David and Nick

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/3/2018
Topics: #Travel #USA #Arizona #Phoenix #DesertBotanicalGarden Page Views: 149
All the photos from my visit with friends to the Desert Botanical Garden.

Friends of Michael's from New York (who now live in Florida) came for a visit to the wild West; David had come specifically to see the Desert Botanical Garden, of which he learned from a magazine back home. Today Michael and I escorted David and his husband, Nick, to the place…a place I, myself, had not yet seen.

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A Week In Malibu

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 6/25/2018
Updated: 9/2/2018
Topics: #Travel #USA #California #Malibu Page Views: 203
The time Keith and I got to spend a week in Malibu, California, as guests of my daughter's.

I have two kids who live on the East Coast, and two who live in Arizona, as I do. I was expecting to get together with my Arizona kids for Father's Day, but daughter Jenny invited us to join her for Father's Day in a place she rented for the week, in Malibu, California. She didn't have to twist my arm!

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Dom's 2nd Birthday Party

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/1/2018
Topics: #Family #Dominic Page Views: 552
We celebrate my grandson's second year on Earth.

It's hard to believe that my youngest grandchild, Dominic, turned 2 last week. But his Spider-Man-themed party was held today.

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Organica Core: KnownFolders

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 8/21/2018
Topics: #Computers #Programming #Organica #VB.NET #CustomBrowser #KnownFolders Page Views: 126
How to create a class to encapsulate the Known Folders of Windows Vista+.

Windows has had "special" folders since Windows 95. You remember the Documents folder, right? As well as Desktop, and (with later versions of Windows) Downloads, My Music, and so forth. With Windows Vista, this conglomerate of folders became known officially as "Known Folders", despite there being no "unknown folders" to speak of.

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Organica Core: History

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 8/15/2018
Topics: #Computers #Projects #Organica Page Views: 133
How to implement a browsing history with VB.NET.

In order to implement our browser's Back and Forward buttons, we must implement a class to store our Document history, and to preserve the current page for a potential Forward when the user clicks the Back button. Fortunately, VB.NET has just the collection class to make short work of this task.

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Organica Core: Utilities Module

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 8/14/2018
Topics: #Computers #Projects #Organica Page Views: 123
A place for oddball helper procedures and functions.

Any project needs a general module for random, code-saving utility functions. We're going to create such a module in this chapter and put a couple of starter procedures into it.

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Bell Rock with Babies

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 8/12/2018
Topics: #Travel #Arizona #Sedona #Vortexes #Gianna #Dominic Page Views: 237
Gianna and Dominic's first visit to the fanous vortex.

Summer is almost over. My grandson, Zach, is about to return to school in Manhattan; his visiting cousins are about to return home to the East Coast as well. We had hoped for a camping trip, but there just wasn't time. So today we made a pilgrimage to Sedona to take Zach's baby brother and sister to Bell Rock for the first time.

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Organica Core: Multiple Instances

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 8/9/2018
Topics: #Computers #Programming #Organica #VB.NET Page Views: 182
How to build into Organica the ability to run multiple instances of itself.

Many applications—most applications—allow multiple copies of themselves to run at the same time. In fact, a programmer must make a special effort to forbid it. However, in the case of Organica, a second instance should not behave quite like the first.

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