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Attention, Publishers and Literary Agents!

The ...for Dummies series, from IDG Books, originated as a set of computer manuals for various end-user software, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and so on. The series was wildly successful, and broadened to include other, non-computer topics. Thus, currently, we have Sex for Dummies (by Dr. Ruth, no less!), White Wine for Dummies, and so on. Not too many areas have been left to the dummies to fend for themselves; but the New Age field is one of them. And yet, what field is harder for the neophyte—that is, the "dummy"—to approach, than one that incorporates its own jargon, its own parameters, and still has value to millions of people?

In Chakras for Beginners, my co-author Michael Manion and I first look at the whole concept—what a chakra is, where the idea came from, and why anyone might care—and then examine each of the twelve major chakras, explaining what that chakra signifies, what effect one experiences when it is unhealthy, how one experiences it when it is healthy...and how to keep it healthy. Each chakra chapter is concluded with a simple meditation for that chakra, something anyone can do to achieve an actual, perceptual effect.

When I stand at the New Age section of any bookstore, I usually see someone there next to me, and I watch his or her expression. The available titles are scanned with hope and interest and not a little perplexity. After a few minutes, the browser’s shoulders droop just a little, and he or she reluctantly moves on to another section. The array of information is just too overwhelming.

If Chakras for Beginners were featured in that section, I bet the browser wouldn’t leave empty-handed...and the next visit might well garner additional titles, now that the browser has more information.

Let’s give the browsers that information. Let’s make Chakras for Beginners available to them.

Contact me for additional information, or to strike a deal.

Sample Chapters

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Thanks for All the Visits!

My Web site statistics show that this page is the most frequently visited on my whole site! I'm glad to know that people are getting some good from what we've written. However, we still haven't gotten any nibbles from a publisher or literary agent. Please, if you visit this site and find it interesting, and you happen to know a publisher, editor, or agent—please let them know about this page. The public is desperate to learn about chakras in a simple, accessible way!