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Cailey's High School Graduation

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 7/7/2022
Occurred: 5/28/2019
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My elder granddaughter acheives adulthood.

My first granddaugter, Cailey Hope, grew up on the East Coast so we didn't get to see too much of her; just during the occasional trip by us East, or by them, West. So we were delighted when her parents moved to Arizona! However, I was also concerned that she would have trouble joining a senior high school class in which she knew no one might be tough. Not to worry! Cailey simply signed up for online classes with Chandler Online Academy. And tonight was her graduation! She had never actually met her classmates; but now they were all together to receive their diplomas.

The commencement was held at the Chandler Arts Center in downtown Chandler. I'm not sure what the black and blue balloons signify…School of Hard Knocks? I also thought the idea of an online ROTC was interesting.

Of course, the seat I wound up with was the worst for taking photos. Here the graduates marched in, to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance played on the harp.

The dean gave an address.

Cailey's dad wasn't really dozing; I caught him mid-blink. And Cailey's paternal grandmother, Kathy, flew all the way from West Virginia to be here for this occasion.

The valedictorian gave a lovely speech.

The keynote speaker tickled me, as his remarks included the supposition that today's graduates would get together in 50 years for a reunion. Reunions are for people who were together as a group for an intense period of time. These students had never been under the same roof until tonight.

Finally, the commencement commenced. There weren't many graduates, so the actual walking didn't take too long. Here, we see Cailey walking and receiving her diploma.

The rose was to be presented to someone the graduate felt had seriously contributed to the graduate's acheivement. Cailey presented hers to her grandmother.

Presenting: Cailey Hope Cilwa-Kinder, 2019 graduate!

From L2R: Grandmother Kathy, step-grandfather Michael, mother Dorothy Elizabeth, boyfriend Mike, and Cailey.

Dad and Uncle John documented the occasion.

Mother and daughter.

Cailey can always count on Uncle John to get a laugh out of her.

Although Cailey hadn't met her classmates before tonight, she did managed to snag a boyfriend, Mike.

And here's Cailey with her step-grandfathers: My husband, Keith, and previous husband, Michael.

Afterwards, we gathered at the Hon Machi Sushi and Tepanyaki Grill to celebrate.